Thursday, January 28, 2010

Portrait of a Cold Front


  1. They are all beautiful! They really invoke a sense of time and place.

  2. Stunning photography JP! Utterly beautiful and painterly ... I love the first and third! Brava!

  3. JP - These photos are so beautiful. Just one of the reasons I like visiting here. And just one of the reasons I've given you an award.
    Here is what the Kreativ Blogger Award asks you to do. If you can’t do all of it, don’t worry; the award is still yours!
    1. Copy the creative blogger logo from my blog onto a post in your blog.
    2. Link to me in that post.
    3. Mention seven things about you and/or your blog that might be of interest.
    4. Mention (and link to) seven other blogs you like.
    I hope you'll have the same fun I have had.

  4. I too like the 3rd photo best. Just how cold was it when you saw 'steam' rising from the ice?

  5. although we do see plenty of steam coming off the lake in the fall when the air starts to get much colder than the water, in these photos we're looking at blowing snow. As the cold front blew in on Friday night, we had high winds (25 - 30 mph here; 70 mph in other counties!) and the temperature started to drop, The wind chill has been in the -20s, and this morning I woke up to a frozen water main - which I expertly thawed in 3 short hours :)


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