Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Terrifying Reality of Frost

It's here. That cold, spiteful weather that threatens all we've worked for, and forces every small creature to seek refuge inside our houses. I feel pure anguish - an assured sense of doom regarding the perfection I've got going in the greenhouse. This all feels ridiculous to someone as annoyingly optimistic as me. If everything hadn't gone according to plan thus far, I might not feel so protective and territorial about these plants. Crude and primitive, like how Kid Rock and Tommy Lee feel whenever they're both in the same room with Pamela Anderson. But I've got something better - Swiss chard that's still producing.

I planted the majority of my overwintering greens around August 20th, staggering some seeds both before and after. When the plants really got going, I seeded mache (one of the most cold hardy greens) in between my rows. Here it is just sprouting.

I plan to harvest 3 skinny beds worth of Yukina Savoy and Red Komatsuna later this week, so that I can get more mache in there as well. Check back for some recipes featuring these Asian greens. I have to calmly remember that last year, after planting too late, my lettuce seeds all sprouted and grew strong in weather that was much colder than this. I can't help but feel that they had an edge for knowing the cold since their very beginnings - this year's plants have been spoiled with warmth. Even if it's not what they're bred to prefer, it's still all they know.
   Checking the greenhouse thermometer, last night the low in there was 33 degrees. Not so bad, right? But we've only just begun. Maybe I should consider experimenting with a 'Valium Vinaigrette' for my salads this winter, just to regain some peace? Or I could grow some 'Meditation Mix' with St. John's Wort. More temperatures and blood pressure readings later...

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