Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sod Farmers

I have tried Lasagna Gardening in the past, and maybe my beds/layers were never deep enough, but I always had renegade grass coming up and competing with my vegetables. Pulling out those clumps and blades has been a hateful task! Right now I'm in the process of establishing new beds for next year, and am dutifully eradicating the existing grass. I think this grass is so hardy and deep rooted because it has to be to survive in our dense clay.

The chickens always come running whenever I pull out a shovel, hoe, or any other dirt turner. The buffet is open, Ladies. In fact, it makes my job all the harder when they are underfoot; they're not quite bright enough to understand 'blunt force trauma' - they even chase my pruning saw around! Usually, I put them back in their pen if they're at risk of getting hurt, but their pen has just been a mud floor since August and they find it quite boring. Yesterday, JP suggested that I lay down the sod I was digging in the chicken yard. They love it!


  1. The chickens are great helpers!.. ~bangchik

  2. They are great soil turners and love to leave their droppings everywhere... but sometimes I think their eating up all of my good earthworms!


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