Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blotanical Seed Swap

I came across Michelle's blog, From Seed to Table  on Blotanical, and was immediately drawn to her writing and excellent photography. Living in California, she has a much longer growing season than I do, so following along is like virtual gardening for me. Michelle recently offered up some seeds that she had saved, and after I told her what I was interested in she sent me some Golden Corn Salad and Crimson Flowering Favas. This is the best! ...but now it's time to return the favor, and the only seeds I've saved are winter squashes. Does a zone 9 garden even grow winter squash? Do they have winter, or rather any need for a lasting storage vegetable? So, I've decided to give her some Luffa seeds for fun, along with pelleted carrot and lettuce seeds. Pelleted seeds have changed my gardening life, and if she doesn't already know about them, maybe they'll change hers, too!


  1. Seeds enchant me. There is nothing comparable to going through saved seeds, cleaning and bagging in tiny envelopes.

  2. thank you for your comment! i followed you back to your blog and it's delightful. and people are seed swapping on blotanical now? i need to head back for a visit!

  3. I have some of Michelle's Golden Corn Salad too. Right now it is just little plants in the garden and they are frozen solid. I'm hoping they make it over the winter.

  4. I love the seed swapping idea, and yes they are enchanting! How funny that you have the same mache. The mature mache I have in my hoophouse doesn't seem very affected by this cold snap, unlike myself. I will make plans to save more seeds next season for a better showing at seed swap time:)


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