Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Head Start Raised Beds

     Today we constructed three new raised beds using #2 or 'Garden Stock' cedar. I like to take care of these chores in the Fall so that the soil mix has plenty of time to cure over the winter. Because it's such a slow time of year for them, the lumber company happily cut all of our wood to size for us. This was much appreciated, as the 2 x 12's were better pickings than the 2 x 8's, but a total pain to secure in our truck. So, we were that much closer to done when we got back. First, JP made a simple template for a corner joint from the scraps:

     He made sure that they were a loose fit, and traced them onto the corresponding wood:

Made the cut on the bandsaw (we can't keep a jigsaw alive for some reason. Or an avocado plant.)

Made good use of at least 3 rarely used objects in the garage; one of our house rules.

     Nailed the corners together with Paslode pleasure:

     And just like that, we have more space.....We did start removing the sod and turning the soil; tomorrow we'll get up early to fill the beds with leaves, rotted hay, compost, peat moss, and whatever else we can find. I can't wait to decide what to plant where!

     and meanwhile, the girls kept themselves busy.  I didn't get a picture, but one of them flew onto JP's    plate while he was eating a sandwich - good stuff...


  1. Nice looking beds, and you filled them with good stuff. There are several months ahead to plan what to plant in them. I have three similar beds which my DH built for me, and I'm very happy with them. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Those are lovely new beds! I love the picture with a chicken - very funny!

  3. Great beds. Love the joints. Happy planning !

  4. I love that cedar, where do you get such lovely boards? I have a hard time finding raised bed supplies. We can get cheap thin cedar but nothing very thick.

  5. Mrs. Chiots - these boards came form Koenig's Cedar in South Burlington, VT. Isn't it funny what you simply can't find? I always want to experiment with small sections of that corrugated fiberglass roofing, which only exists in pictures of other people's lives as far as I can tell.

  6. I know, we lucked on on what we used for our currents beds. When we bought our house we found a big pile of old oak barnboards out back, we used them up though, so I'm looking for new ideas. I'd love to use recycled, but it also makes me nervous in case they're treated with somethign toxic.

    Part of the fun of living locally though :)


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